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Live it through your senses

Playful waves breaking on the shoreline, the aroma of world class shrimp on the barbeque, the sight of an early moon in the sky. Mango Bay is a paradise for the senses, a holiday playground to let Mother nature bring tranquillity into our busy lives. The perfect place for sensual, wonderful you.

Rest your gaze on the unfurling panorama, a wide lens where ocean and sky meet, as far as the eye can see – could it be the gentle curve of the earth half glimpsed along the soft distant horizon? Unwind and relax, open your eyes and see.

The light tap of a tiny crab scuttling along the shore looking for its next home, the gentle suction as your toes pull up from the damp sand, a dry rustle as you push your way past a palm leaf, the sounds of Mango Bay are the soundtrack to the holiday of your dreams.

Sea foam disappearing through your fingers, the heel of the masseur’s hand smoothing a knot in your neck, a refreshing breeze playing with your hair – like the touch of a magic wand, Mango Bay will touch your heart.

The seashore enlivens your tastes, hungry after a long swim, biting into the freshest seafood, the zest of lime, some sumptuous fruit, just a suspicion of salt on your lips as you walk along the beach. Mango Bay brings your taste buds alive.

Tropical aromas surround you at Mango Bay, the light fragrance of frangipani from petals in your room, the earthy spices of massage oils caressing your limbs, freshly baked breakfast to greet the day – all contrasting with the cool sea breeze bringing a hint from a far away ocean.



Mango Bay feels a long way from the noise and bustle of the city, a beach resort to de-stress and luxuriate in.

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Package & Promotion

A romantic interlude, or just a lovely family get together? We’ve got something special for you.

Best price guarantee

We guarantee the best rates available. If you find a lower rate anywhere after booking with
us, we’ll match it and give you an extra 10% discount. That’s our promise!

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A great food experience is not just about the taste, it’s about atmosphere and mood, a lingering memory that makes you smile again and again.



A lasting sense of wellbeing, natural indulgence and a whole new you, the Mango Bay Spa is waiting to be discovered.

Guest Review

Un hôtel aux prestations excellentes. Chambre/bungalow avec vue mer, superbe salle de bain en extérieur extra .Le petit déjeuner est exceptionnel, des produits de 1 ère qualité, un service irréprochable et d une gentillesse incroyable. La vue du restaurant principal et celui de plage est magnifique. Un séjour exceptionnel à Phu Quoc


Mango Bay is a bit more rustic, something in touch with nature, and something that merged seamlessly with the surrounding environment.

Mike Manning
Ở Mango Bay, bọn mình đều đi dạo trên bãi biển lấp lánh tuyệt đẹp, bạt ngàn cỏ lau, xanh rì rào cây cối, rồi hoặc là đạp xe trên những con đường xanh rợp, hoặc là thư thái đi spa trong rừng, hoặc là đi chèo thuyền Kayak trên biển, hoặc là nằm lười biếng trên cánh võng sát bờ đá nghe sóng vỗ, cắm tai nghe nghe nhạc rồi đọc sách, hoặc là lặn xuống đáy biển trong veo sát bờ, ngắm đám cá biển bé tý bơi lội xung quanh ghềnh đá, hoặc là túm tụm cùng nhau ngắm hoàng hôn. Mọi thứ nhẹ nhàng và êm dịu quá đỗi quá đỗi.
Phan Anh Esheep
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