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General Terms


After consulting the room information provided by the website to make a reservation, customers can do the following:
Option 1: Call directly to the hotel phone number (+84 9696 818 20) to get a faster consultation and to know the exact room information available.
Option 2: Go directly to the hotel address on the website to make a reservation.
Option 3: Email your reservation to the


Early check-in is subject to availability of the Hotel and an additional amount may be charged for this request.
Check in from 14:00
Check out before 12:00 noon.
Early check-in and late check-out fees, please contact the Hotel:
* Note: Other services outside the program, charged normally according to the hotel’s price / regulation.
Subject to availability and confirmation of agreement by Mango Bay. Fees will be payable at the time Mango Bay is confirmed.


When a dispute arises (after the Customer has made a reservation), the Customer can complain to us directly at the hotel Hotline or the following email address:
Hotline: (+84) 969681820 – (+84) 297 3 981 693
Customers’ complaints will be received and transferred to the department in charge within 24 hours and resolved in the shortest time.


In case you want to change the check-in / check-out date, or change the room or room type, please contact our reservation department for assistance.


Depending on the time, the room type that cancellation policy will be different. The following is the basic cancellation policy that applies when the cancellation policy is not mentioned in the booking or on the online booking page:
• In case customers cancel the room 21 days before the scheduled check-in date, the full amount paid will be refunded.
• In case customers cancel the booking within 21 days from the booked check-in date, we will charge a deposit fee of the reservation.
• In case the customer has booked and paid but did not check in, we will charge the full room charge.


In case the customer has paid the deposit in full, pay the full amount for the reservation. But due to objective conditions, we should cancel our trip, We will consider refunding the amount to the customer. The refund will be based on the policy of each booking. This refund will be officially notified by our staff to the Customer via email.
• Refund time is within 21-30 working days depending on the bank.
• Reimbursement form: reimbursement of the given bank account or card collected.
• Reimbursement cost: free.
* Note:
We reserve the right to change the conditions, cancel the policy at any time without prior notice.
We are not responsible for compensation, change of date, room type … indirectly, incidentally or as a result or in case of force majeure (natural disasters, war …).

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