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Total Rejuvenation
2h / 1,430,000 VND
Head to toe pampering includes a Head massage, followed by
an Aromatherapy massage and ended by a foot reflexology.
Perfect Relaxation
2h 30m / 2,025,000 VND
A full body scrub followed by a back & neck massage and ended
by a facial of your choice.
Asian Combination Package
2h 10m / 1,430,000 VND
A combination of 70 minutes yoga like stretching Thai Massage,
20 minutes of hand massage, and 40 minutes foot reflexology.
Solo Treat Package
2h 20m / 1,770,000 VND
A relaxing full body signature massage of 80 minutes ended
by a pampering facial of your choice and a scalp massage.

Classic Manicure
30 minutes / 345,000 VND
Includes nail shaping, cuticle trimming and application of the nail polish of your choice.
Foot Spa Pedicure
50 minutes / 620,000 VND
Your toenails will be shaped, cuticles cleaned, and calluses removed. Your feet and half legs are then lightly exfoliated using sea salt scrub, followed by application of the skin softener cream and nail polish of your choice.

(Facial cleansing, facial scrub. Face, chest & shoulder massage, Facial mask finished with the application of face cream)
Detoxifying Facial
50 minutes / 920,000 VND
Is for oily skin. These facial products use encourages skin balance, protects oily prone skin.
It is designed to bring freshness, vitality and glow.
Refreshing Facial
50 minutes / 920,000 VND
Is for normal or combination skin. The facial products use helps the skin to maintain a natural moisture balance. It promotes young looking skin and improves complexion, leaving skin feeling firm, smooth and radiant.
Rejuvenating Facial
50 minutes / 920,000 VND
Is for dry skin. A moisturizing and nurturing facial products are especially beneficial for dry and mature skin textures, while encourages smoothness. This facial leaves the skin soft, revitalized and younger.

Oceanic Body Scrub
50 minutes / 970,000 VND
Lemongrass essential oil and Sea salts awakens circulation while removing dry dull skin and impurities.
Skin feels polished, smoothened and refined to reveal a fresh glow.
Refreshing Body Scrub
50 minutes / 970,000 VND
Seaweed, green tea extracts and small sugar crystals helps to gently slough away dry skin,
as it restores a fresh radiance and a satiny smooth texture to your skin.
Sunburn Soothing Treatment
50 minutes / 970,000 VND
A soothing treatment focuses on the affected area using fresh Aloe Vera and cucumber that gently rubs on your skin to cool, soothe, and ease the redness of your sunburnt skin.

Head Massage
30 minutes / 510,000 VND
Massage therapy focusing on your head, and shoulders that is believed to balance the energy.
It promotes relaxation and rejuvenates your mind and body.
Back & Neck Massage
30 minutes / 510,000 VND
50 minutes / 740,000 VND
This is created to relieve severe tensions in the muscles and connective tissues on your lower back & shoulders. It focuses on the muscles located below the surface of the top muscles.
Foot Reflexology
30 minutes / 390,000 VND
50 minutes / 620,000 VND
Stimulates and resumes body internal organs to a healthy state and is an effective way to relieve and to restore natural balance and well-being. The stick is being pressed to the specific points on the feet to release tension and helps improve blood circulation.
Hot Stone Massage
60 minutes / 970,000 VND
Involves the Use of smooth heated stones, that helps relax and ease tense and damaged soft muscle tissues throughout your body. The techniques of a regular body massage are also being applied.
Aromatherapy Massage
50 minutes / 740,000 VND
80 minutes / 1,105,000 VND
A full body massage with slow rhythmic long strokes, using palm and kneading using thumbs.
This massage is helpful in reducing pain and improves poor blood circulation.
Thai Massage
50 minutes / 740,000 VND
80 minutes / 1,105,000 VND
This uses passive yoga-like stretching and gentle palm pressure along the body’s energy lines to increase flexibility, relieve muscle and joint tension and balance the body’s energy meridian. This massage focuses more on the lower extremities.
Mango Bay Signature Massage
80 minutes / 1,105,000 VND
Using slow deep strokes to target the inner layers of the muscles, that helps relieve chronic muscle pain. Includes a bit of lower back stretching to alleviate muscle cramps, and increase flexibility, acupressure to release blockages in the energy meridians.
(All our prices include 10% VAT & 5% Service Charge)

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