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Welcome to Mango Bay Resort

Mango Bay feels a long way from the noise and bustle of the city, a beach resort to de-stress and luxuriate in. The ten-hectare, low density resort holds some very up to date surprises, a cocktail bar serving tropical and topical drinks, restaurants where pared down Italian and innovative Vietnamese menus make use of the glorious seafood and other local, natural produce. The recently renovated spa is available to bring your levels of relaxation to new heights and every beautiful room and villa is spaced for maximum enjoyment. Mango Bay is a gloriously comfortable place to get away from it all, and focus on sensual you.

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Playful waves breaking on the shoreline, the aroma of world class shrimp on the barbeque, the sight of an early moon in the sky. Mango Bay is a paradise for the senses, a holiday playground to let Mother nature bring tranquillity into our busy lives. The perfect place for sensual, wonderful you.

Staying Green

At Mango Bay we have a long term view as a sustainable resort, seeing ourselves as custodians of the tropical idyll we have found on Phu Quoc.

Mango Bay
  • Natural air circulation and fans – no air conditioning
  • No TV on property or telephone in bungalows
  • Use of natural light during the day
  • Minimum use of fuel powered vehicles, machines and equipment
  • Hot water heated through solar power
  • Energy efficient appliances
  • Low wattage light bulbs
  • Change of linen only upon request
  • Switch off lights when not used
  • Use of cooling boxes for refrigeration purposes in our bars, kitchen and eco-friendly minibar in bungalows
  • Pump and treat fresh water from shallow wells
  • Low water use toilets
  • Use table mats that can be wiped and not laundered
  • Grey water is naturally filtered through a reed bed system with the resulting treated water used to irrigate the gardens and tree nurseries.
  • Buy fresh and local daily to reduce packaging and emissions from transportation
  • Purchase in bulk to reduce packaging
  • Recycle paper and glass
  • Compost organic matter and use for animals
  • Limit paper based marketing and other administration to a minimum
  • Use septic tanks for waste
  • Supervised planting of thousands of trees over the past few years
  • Use of locally sourced building materials
  • Natural building methods including pioneering use of rammed earth technique in Vietnam
  • Minimal tree removal when building bungalows
  • Highly successful reef rehabilitation due to discouraging fishing along our property and general care of site
  • Every month all staff help on a Clean-up Day of the whole property
  • Over 80% of Mango Bay staff are from the local commune
  • Use of local suppliers for over 85% of purchase
  • Re-invest resort income locally
  • Pay above local prevailing wage
  • Pay into local social security
  • 4 months of free English lessons to all staff members during low season
  • Free accommodation provided for staff and a crèche provided for their children
  • Most of the furniture at Mango Bay has been made on site, in the resort workshops, using local craftsmen and recycled or sustainable, certified timber. This is probably unique on the island.

Working with WAR
Wildlife at Risk

Since 2006, Mango Bay has been supporting Wildlife At Risk (WAR) in conservation of the biodiversity of Vietnam, focusing on Phu Quoc Island.

With Mango Bay’s financial support, WAR has been conducting numerous biodiversity surveys on butterfly, fish, bat, reptile and amphibian, orchid, and plant on Phu Quoc Island and has revealed many new species for Vietnam.

Mango Bay supports WAR and Phu Quoc National Park to collect and replant the Dipterocarpus, an indigenous plant that is becoming rare on Phu Quoc Island due to illegal logging.

Photo books those are results of the biodiversity surveys were also supported to be published.

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