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Arguably our most fun area, the activities at Mango Bay are all about discovery: Phu Quoc, nature and maybe even a little about yourself. Most of the activities at Mango Bay flow around the seasons, responsive to the environment and guaranteed to arouse curiosity and interest in the young and less young. Our activities are designed to energise, educate and nourish, as well as entertain.

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Greet every morning with a beach yoga session lead by one of the Mango Bay yoga teachers. If you would like something more tailor made, private sessions can be booked for a small fee.


Cooking Class

The culture of the kitchen is revealed in a tactile, experiential way that you will remember for years to come. Vietnamese cuisine is world renowned and Phu Quoc’s fabulous seafood and charming marketplace provide the most memorable place to discover the secrets of the hearth for yourself. The class is held on the beach, where our renowned chef can talk you through your dishes, explaining a little of the history and culture of Vietnam, and some handy skills at the same time. Ultimately your new found cooking ability can be shown off, and enjoyed for lunch.

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Beach Activities

Mango Bay has an ample supply of paddle boards, kayaks and snorkels for guests to use. Just ask.

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Kids Activites

Every day activities are organised for children, these could be gardening, kite flying, cooking classes or many different types of beach fun.



Known as the ‘Mango Bay Effect’, this is where guests wind down, discover stress levels plummeting and enjoy doing ……. not very much.


Island Discovery

Always responsive to the prevailing seasons and weather conditions, an island exploration brings all the senses to the fore. Forest walks, voyages above and below water, touching fresh pearls or spotting elusive wildlife. Phu Quoc is a playground waiting to be discovered in every sensual detail.


Flipper Diving Club

Phu Quoc is a diver’s delight. Depending on the season you dive either the North or South side where you will find many brightly coloured fish, corals and stars and there is always the enticing dream of meeting a dugong.

201906021209CHLiên tục tăng trưởng mạnh, nhưng dư địa phát triển du lịch của Phú Quốc còn rất lớn

Island Tour

Mango Bay’s seasoned tour operator, John’s Tours, can take you around the island, city tours with market trips, boat journeys, squid fishing and all the attractions. Just ask. With VinWonder just 20 minutes away and the An Thoi cable car (the longest in Asia) within range, Phu Quoc has so much to offer.

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