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A great food experience is not just about the taste, it’s about atmosphere and mood, a lingering memory that makes you smile again and again.

Mango Bay is a place where senses awaken, where a breakfast pancake or a sunset cocktail can evoke that far away feeling. It might be the light sea breeze playing on your skin or the sound of ice being shaken nearby as a guitar begins its serenade. With light dishes taking their inspiration from West and East, every dining experience is as easy as a summer afternoon, and as satisfying.

*** Menu may change at the time of your visit ***

On The Rock Restaurant

On The Rock Restaurant

At the ocean’s edge, On the Rock rests in the ultimate sunset spot. Every day the mango sky slowly melts into stars above, and few would contest that this is one of the most romantic places in Vietnam. The ambiance is simple, a perfect place to rediscover the essential qualities of fine food, delicious wine and a beautiful view.

On The Sand Restaurant

On The Sand Restaurant

Texture, light, great company and hands on food are the top notes of the On The Sand Restaurant. It’s a place to share moments and laughter as you enjoy the table barbeque, or chef’s specialty of tamarind crab or Vietnam’s signature wraps. Day or night, the Beach Restaurant sparkles like the sea beside it.


Signature Cocktails & Dishes

A talent for listening gives the staff at Mango Bay a sure way of meeting desires. Is it a cocktail you once drank in Prague, a child who doesn’t like fish or are you just looking for inspiration from your hammock? Deciphering mood and inspiring joy, these are the Mango Bay signatures waiting to be discovered.

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